TALG – The Amin Law Group


As our climate changes and companies throughout the world face increasing pressure to meet emissions reduction standards and to pursue climate change initiatives, we understand the necessity of proper advice and guidance relating to critical disclosure issues surrounding climate change risk and related matters.

We advise our clients on ways to minimize environmental risks, including advice concerning environmental law requirements; structuring transactions and relationships with corporate affiliates to avoid alter ego and successor liability; preparing environmental policy statements and compliance programs; and obtaining reimbursement for losses under applicable indemnities and insurance policies.

The Firm’s clients include energy companies and developers, which have significant greenhouse gas emissions and need to be vigilant on disclosure, as well as major insurers that are impacted by climate change. We offer clients comprehensive knowledge of state, federal and international guidelines as well as the standard marketplace approach to these issues. We also help our clients anticipate and plan for the future by taking a proactive approach regarding disclosure of climate change risks.